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Re: New Credit Score Website

whodatnation2 wrote:

I just noticed that on its website it says coming live on Feb. 13th.

Yeah, looks like the site has come along a ways since I last looked at it a few weeks ago.  Still trying to figure out the pricing structure.  It looks like you have to pay a set-up fee for any of the plans, and that is separate from the plan(s) pricing, but appears to be divided into installments?  It is fairly pricey until you break it down, but WOW.....still can't hardly believe they are offering all 3 FICO scores.  It's been a long time since that has been available.  I can barely remember when it was available from MyFico way back when.  I was looking for the versions they will pull, but it doesn't seem to be there.  I think someone either posted it here or it was on the site, can't remember......but wasn't it EX v.2, TU04, and EQ Beacon?  Maybe someone" on here knows.  I'm going to be a charter member it looks like.  Another thing I can't quite figure out is if you get to see your full report or not.....some of the plans look like you only get to see the "score" only, and another only analyzes the score to tell you where you need to improve. 


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