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Florida credit scores down, debt increases (interesting stats)

The average Florida credit score decreased in the first quarter as consumers saw their debt increase in most categories, according to a report by


The San Francisco-based company, which tracks credit scores and debt nationwide, said the average Florida credit score in March was 654.

That’s down from 657 a year ago.


The national average credit score was 660, which is down from 665 a year ago.

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Another look and more stats:


According to the website The Truth About Credit Cards: “Credit scores from 620-679 are still considered ‘good’ or ‘ok’ by many creditors, though you may see further restrictions and fewer approvals when attempting to get a auto loan/lease, credit card, or a mortgage. Scores at this level are fairly common, and no reason for alarm. But it would be wise to evaluate your credit score and work to improve it. In this range, it is quite probable that you aren’t securing the lowest interest rates, and subsequently losing money as a result.”

However, even the highest-ranked state — New Jersey — is only 681.