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Re: The Hill publishes flawed argument about FICO scores

The one good point is there is too much confusion about FICO and FAKO scores. Even people on this board get confused sometimes. Lets say the average person goes to free credit and gets a score of like 830. They will think they have absolute perfect credit, then they go app and get denied for a 680 FICO score and a few baddies and wonder why their score is so much different.


It has always been widely believed that anything over 700 is a great credit score, but with so many scoring models now it is hard to know if the score is a true FICO.


I always hated those free credit report/score commercials. Not only were the songs stupid but I always hate it when a company says they will give you something for free, if you pay them to do it. Smiley LOL


Pay us 14.95 a month and you get your "free" credit score. Smiley LOL

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