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Re: Florida credit scores down, debt increases (interesting stats)
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FrugalRican wrote:

pakman92 wrote:

The title should read "Florida FAKO credit scores down,...." 

Good catch, for all intents and purposes, Florida FICOs could actually be up lol

Note that I just linked to the story I didn't write the headline - however since they are quoting Credit Karma as their score source, I suspect the scores are TU FICO scores not "fako" (I dislike that term considering there are multiple, multiple "so called real" FICO scores).


Walmart just reported the TU FICO for April, my CK and Walmart FICO score is the exact same this month (YMMV).


Credit Karma might have various factors they use to create their TU FICO score, but so do various FICO scores - I suspect the data is fairly good considering the large sample base. Of course the sample base is CK users, not the general public as a whole and I suspect those that track their scores tend to be somewhat "damaged in recovery" if we used a cross section of myFICO posters as an comparative example.