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TP2012 wrote:
Simple, I need to improve my credit score and want to know what I can do improve it. It's not just about knowing my ex fico score, it's about getting those scores up so I can get financed for the home my wife has her eye on. Smiley Happy yes it would be great to get all 3 true fico scores on top of the plan of action , like they originally tried to do, but I'm excited to see what my score does when I put this plan into action. If you are already a credit expert and have a 770 + score , then sure I could see your point. But I am no expert nor do I have a prime score. So it's worth the small investment to give it a try.

I'm failing to see what that does that a few other sites don't already do.


Is it a personalized plan that they plot out for you?

How is it any different than a few score estimators out there?

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