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Re: Student Loan Debt Clock Reaches $1 Trillion!!!

bornhuge wrote:

2NE1 wrote:

bornhuge wrote:

$66,118.02 of that is mine!


Down from $103,538.22, though.

wow... and I'm here suffering with a $21,742.31 student loan debt! Smiley Embarassed

That's combined law school for me and nursing school for my wife.  Luckily, we both got jobs with incomes to support the repayment, but it has taken some doing.  We've really focused on debt over the last year and a half and in that time, we've paid off two cars, a private student loan, and a massive credit card account.  We can now make the equivalent of 20 payments per month on her loan, which will be paid in three months.  The remainder will be paid over the course of the next year, so I actually feel pretty fortunate.

I'm so envious.  At this point, I may very well be paying my law school loans well into my son's college years.  I'm aggressively job hunting at the moment in hopes of changing that scenario...

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