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Re: Experian roles out new credit score

@ Rev,


I believe once people do the work of rebuilding, credit is appreciated/valued more. If people had kept throwing money at me, despite late payments or being over-extended, I would have never had that sober moment, realized credit is not a available cash, and admitted it was time to change stuff.


I realize the comments likely read as ivory tower but it gets a little frustrating when we automatically grant victim status to everyone, regardless of what led to needing rebuilding. At some point we'll be admitting the main beneficiaries of increasing service to the "under-banked" ended up being collection agents and banks that got bailed out. I'm getting it out of my system now, LOL! When it happens and everyone is holding hands singing Kum ba yah, resisting typing this will be causing my hands to cramp. Smiley Happy

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