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Merchants may be allowed to charge extra for credit cards

If this does come true I will not under any circumstance shop at a place that charged extra for credit cards.


I would think and hope if this happens many merchants wouldn't impose the surcharge just because people are already sick of fees and paying extra for using a credit card would upset a lot of people, and if most merchants did impose the surcharge I would cancel all my rewards cards and pay exclusively cash only or paypal and only use one no annual fee and no frills credit card for emergencies or when it was necessary such as a hotel or rental car.


Personally the way I look at it is Visa and Mastercard are providing a service that the merchant purchases. If they don't like the terms and conditions of that service then don't buy the service.


What next? Will the merchants want to charge extra for parking for people who drive to the store as opposed to use public transit? Maybe tack on a little surcharge to each person to cover the costs of air conditioning in the summer or heating in the winter?



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