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Re: Merchants may be allowed to charge extra for credit cards

So if this goes into effect looks like I am back to paper cash and debit cards. will keep a no AF card to keep my score up.No way will I pay extra to use a card. In fact as a way to screw with the merchant and make their life as difficult as possible I will pay paper cash whever possible and use debit only when cash isnt accepted, like online.


I have done some google searching on this topic of course but one thing I haven't really figured out is if this surcharge only applies to credit cards, or if it will cover debit cards as well. I can just see some rather greedy merchants try to tack on the surcharge for debit as well.


It will really hurt online purchases like plane tickets, hotels, car rentals because a credit card is basically your only choice.


I hope a compromise can be worked into this. The big argument is when someone buys like a 75 cent bag of chips on the card the merchant actually loses money. A fair compromise would be to surcharge purchases less than 10 dollars so the merchant doesnt get their profit margin eaten up on small purchases. Large purchases should already have the interchange fee built into the price. Another way could be to surcharge only swiped transactions because card not present transactions like online it is kinda hard not to use a card and would be totally unfair to the customer if in order to buy something online they had to use their credit card, and pay 3% or whatever of the cost of the product as well.

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