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Re: New Bias Charges Against FICO Scores ..... unfair to minorities

marty56 wrote:

Common sense tells us this could never be true.  Even if the formula did have an input for race, where did it come from?  You CR doesn't even know your sex or religion, sexual orientation, etc.


Sadly many people will buy this as true, it's never their fault.

Nobody is saying that the formula is biased.  People are asking for a kind of 'Affirmative Action' for FICOs when dealing with certain races..... just so black people have a better chance to succeed. 


I think this is stupid. But if they actually decide to do it anyway, however, that if they are going to give black people higher scores, they should curve the whole thing so that white people have slightly higher scores too and all races are at the same level as the Asians.

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