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Re: New Bias Charges Against FICO Scores ..... unfair to minorities

Wow! It always amazes me when someone or something states the word Black or minority. Giving attention to anything dealing with making things equal. Ha! Even if it were true that the scoring system could score based on color, do you all really believe there will be changes made in minority favor in a real way. If you really feel like its unfair that minorities get a second look with regards to credit bias by an government agency. I can reassure you, there are plenty more ways to make up for the bump in score if found to be discriminitory by CRAs by:

1 I found that creditors can use your geographic code i.e. zip code and address to determine if you live in a black or minority community.

2 Self disclosure on an application.

3 Face to face with a loaner or bank.


Im sure there are many more ways to discriminate, so to all who are worried minorities will have an unfair advantage; no worries things are pretty much covered.


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