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Re: New Bias Charges Against FICO Scores ..... unfair to minorities

I don't see a practical way for the government to "tweak" FICO scores to give an advantage to certain groups of people, since only humans are biased.  I can see the government saying things like yeah we know Marty has a 520 FICO score but treat him like a 765 since he's an ex New Yorker living in Texas, or perhaps a quota based system where 520 Martys get approved 2 to 1 over 520 Johns.


Of course once they add race and income to your credit report or assume something based on your address, it's game over. 


LOL I can see adds like"Use our EXNYFICO FAKO score, it's Ex New Yorkers like Marty Friendly".  Then again maybe not so funny.

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