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Re: Government Involvement: Good or Bad?

youngandcreditwrthy wrote:
Lol... You mean wait until Im old and rich and have no empathy for others? Not gonna happen. LOL. Although, I'm totally success driven :-)
Either way
, freedom of speech rocks as evidenced by
this convo ahhaah!

I trust my friends btw!! :-)

There is a distinct difference between your generalization about being "old and rich and hav(ing) no empathy for others", and the views that I, and others, have expressed here.  I am only 22 years old and am a recent college graduate.  However, I am atypical in that not only do I listen to my elders, I actually ask for their input.  With age comes wisdom.  You would be surprised what you could learn.  You will find that it will change your opinion about a lot of things.  Life lessons and realizing the actual effects of things over time can be quite powerful in molding opinions.


Ah, yes, freedom of speech - so long as you don't say something that could possibly offend others (not politically correct) or be misconstrued as making you uncaring or lacking in empathy.  But that is another topic entirely - as if we aren't off topic enough already.

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