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Re: Government Involvement: Good or Bad?

CreditScholar wrote:

sccredit wrote:

youngandcreditwrthy wrote:
Seriously... Im not reading all of that.

Great job for getting off of topic.

Fact: CFPB is here to HELP people who don't understand financial products or get hoodwinked by GOVERNMENT or TAXPAYER bailed out institutions... Well, not only them lol.

CFPB= exactly what the name insinuates(sp)

That is not a fact, it is an opinion.  Don't mix the 2 up.


From someone who DID read it and someone who actuallly has a degree in Finance and Econ AND has actually worked for a living in that field I can tell you that the points you are refusing to read are 100% spot on.

You can't complain about things getting off topic when you were right in the middle of it and then scream for someone to clean up your mess.


+1. This attitude is a perfect example of why a lot of people can't stand GenY. When he grows up a bit more, he might actually understand how the world really works. Until then I wouldn't pay him much mind.

To me it's akin to the law student who knows EVERYTHING about the law.  I use attorneys everyday in my job and can tell you that they are not afraid to admit when they don't know something about a specific code.  I was trying to stay out of it until the screaming for help after starting a bunch of crap.  Definitely shows an immense lack of maturity.  Have to agree to the paying him no mind part.  Off to coach the kid's soccer practie.  Have a good night all.


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