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Re: New Credit Score Website

Wow. I saw this and got way too excited about credit scores.


Then I went to the site. Smiley Sad 


From what I can see this is worse than vaporware. I think it borders on predatory. 

Prices as of today:

1 'credit analysis update' 89.95 + 87.45 = 177.40

2 'credit analysis updates' 89.95 + 142.45 = 232.40

4 'credit analysis updates' 89.95 + 174.45 = 264.40

6 'credit analysis updates' 89.95 + 219.45 = 309.40


I realize that starting and running a business is expensive, but this is excessive. 

You also have to factor in the cost of the report you upload to them (not true for the '1 analysis plan' if using the federally mandated

Before considering this service I advise people to weigh the costs v benefits. I'll pass on paying someone $177 just to 'analyze' my credit report.

I wouldn't fault anyone for using it if it's worthwhile for them; just make an informed decision.


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