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Credit Card checkout fees on the horizon

So it begins. Mark your calender on this coming Janurary 27 be on the lookout for signs at stores you shop at. This actually doesn't concern me too much as a credit card reward junkie because I have a gut feeling that the free market will make a lot of merchants not want to charge extra. The only place where I would be hurt is if my landlord did this. They only accept payment of rent in person in the office by either credit or debit card. I paid my rent last week and didn't see any signs or announcements that they will be charging so I hope I am in the clear there. If not I would have to get a debit card which I do not want to do, but I would use it to pay rent only.


All my other business in grocery stores, restaurants, department stores, etc if one does impose this surcharge which thankfully they are legally required to post a notice on the store entrance, I can just not even enter and go somewhere else since competition in those areas are heavy enough there is bound to be at least one who won't charge the extra credit card fee.


If it comes down to it where most places do start surcharging I will be paying in cash. I refuse to use a debit card because I don't want a number linking directly to my checking account to be used everywhere where it can be skimmed, only at the landlord and that would be because I would have no choice because they don't take cash. Elsewhere if I hold up the checkout line counting my bills and coins well too bad.


LOL a funny thought what if the merchants by and large really start to like checkout fees, they claim to only want credit card surcharges to recoup processing fee costs but what is to stop them from finding new revenue sources after a while? Will we start having to pay for parking in the close spots at the store? Will we have to pay a shopping cart fee if we need a shopping cart? Remember the airlines claimed they had to implement bag fees because of the rising cost of fuel to recoup costs, then suddenly we find ourselves having to pay a fee to pick a seat now. Banks and airlines, then cell phone companies have been part of the a la carte pricing for a while now, with this checkout fee we could find a la carte pricing in our everyday lives.

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