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Re: What you should know about the Dodd-Frank Act

thrasher865 wrote:

Tazman81 wrote:

I do not think it goes far enough.  Can we also throw in Experian not allowing us to get our FICO scores?  We should have access to every score and all information that a lender can possibly use to deny or give us worse interest rates.

I disagree.  I don't think that we necessarily should have access to our credit scores.  It sort of defeats the purpose if we're allowed to create entire communities dedicated to micromanaging our scores.  For the algorithm to be effective, I think it should be based on consumers' typical behavior, not how they act to manipulate their scores, lol.


I'm not saying I want EQ and TU scores unaccesible, and I'm not saying I don't want access to my EX score.  Just saying I don't think it's owed to us.  We have access to any score when denied for credit or when given a crappy rate.  That's enough to make sure that dealers and creditors aren't playing games with us.

I'm sorry, but, I sorely disagree with the very last sentence above. We, the people, need every possible rule & regulation to make sure that dealers and creditors, etc aren't playing games with us. I would dare to say that if the HQs of the biggest banks were located in Heaven, they would still try to sneak a few things by us. The bottom line reason that there is need for rules and regulations, is that raw human nature cannot be completely trusted. Especially when it comes to $$$$.


There really needs to be a completely level playing field. It is alot like a war. Both sides want to get, or keep, as much $$$ as is realistically possible.