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Re: What you should know about the Dodd-Frank Act

I do believe that if Dodd and frank would regulate their financial behaviors more closely that our country wouldn't be broke however

just like a pack of roaches.. They go where the big pile of cash is and where people honestly can make an extra buck they take the incentives away..

And for them there are no limits to what they can do... Its really sad.

America is capitalistic.. You earn it legally legitimate without hurting others and they go after you still.

They take the profits of the American people and literally piss on it and then turn around and tell us how to use our money..

People in businesses do not print their money and where one company makes a deal to pay commission based on consumers high interest there is another lender that may not play the same way.. We are not a darn collective.. And if anyone likes that they can move to china or Cuba or one of those extremely screwed up countries.

I fear for us all they day that government thinks that they are so smart as to interfere with the private sector why don't they try to improve government and tweak their own rules.. The point is that they don't have money.. They're running out of ours and now want to know where every single cent is..

I wish we could  know where every single cent they spend for things then we would all be mad and tell them to leave us the hell alone.


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