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Re: What you should know about the Dodd-Frank Act

The points outlined here I completely agree should be implemented moving forward.  What we don't know is what no one has seen yet buried within the 2000+ page reform bill.  I'm pretty sure our representatives + the senate has not read every page of it.  They don't need to, as long as they have talking points they can hand it off to someone else. 


I'll be in the market for a new house in 2011 (if not sooner) and what worries me will be another large delay in loans to provide time to adjust to this bill. 


So, for the most part I agree with the talking points of the bill and I believe it will help protect 90%+ of the population.  The other 10% who could properly manage their money and stay in check with spending will be at a disadvantage moving forward. 

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