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Re: What you should know about the Dodd-Frank Act
It's one thing to keep your customer data private from OTHERS, but NOT from the customer you are keeping data on. You should have the right to view ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that someone else keeps about you - and that includes doctors and all their "notes." You should have access to ANYthing that is ABOUT YOU! Yes, I think Experion should HAVE to provide ANYthing they have about you, including your credit score, or they should be denied a license as a Credit Reporting Agency. I checked my credit last in 2009 and BOTH of the other (legitimate) CAs showed my credit score as 916, but Experion, because they did not have full information, showed it as 811 - big difference from the other two. Maybe if a lot of people would write to the Attorney General about Experion's unsavory practices, they would get put our of business.