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GW letters really work...
When I first got on these boards I sent out GW's to most of my creditors to delete some late pays as well as started disputes with cra's. Got a few things corrected with the cra's but nothing on the GW's. Well, I'm pleased to report I now have 3 successes with GW's! The latest coming today from Citimortgage. I had a 30 day late from 2004. Resent them a gw in Sept. Just got a response from them today saying that they were removing the 30 day late and that it took up to 60 days to see the correction on my CR's. I don't know how much that 30 day late was hurting my scores but I'm happy it will soon be removed altogether. The other 2 gw successes came from Bloomingdale's removing 1 30 day late and the other from Macy's removing a 30 and 60 day late. Bringing both accts current never late. From the info I've learned on this site as well as listening to ClarkHoward, I've brought all 3 of my fico's from mid/high 500's to all 3 above 675 and I'm on my way to 700. I've also changed my spending habits considerably. Thanks so much myfico forums.
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Re: GW letters really work...
To whom did you address your letter to Bloomingdale's, and what was that address.  I intend to GW them to remove a charge off.  Stupid me opened the account for my wife, the account went south.  I paid it once I realized they charged off.  Believe it or not, they offered to reissue another card if I paid...wish I had known about PFD at the time.  Sure enough, they reissued once I paid.....
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Re: GW letters really work...
Nice work caliking
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Re: GW letters really work...
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Your experience is better than mine!  I wrote a lengthy GW letter to BOA requesting removal of a single late that occured over two years ago, with no lates whatsoever since then on any accounts.  I went into great detail explaining my divorce at the time, and that I moved, and did not get the bill, etc.  All the right sob stories.  They responded by saying that they were legally prohibited from removing a late than was not erroneously reported, and thus would not consider the circumstances.  We all know that this is BS, but that is the "legal" dismissal I was given by BOA!  Needless to say, BOA has lost my continued business!

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