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Re: GW Letters / GW Calls --- Successes!
I made a GW call to Capital One to remove one 30 late payment Feb 2005. After talking with the first person who said they don't GW, I told her that Capital One does GW and clears records. She said she couldn't do it and transferred me to an Account Specialist. He looked at my account and said he didn't see any late payments in my records. He immediately wrote a dispute letter to all three credit reporting agencies to remove the record of late payment and told them I had no history of late payments. He is having them fax me copies of proof of removal when they clear them. Nice guy......Just goes to show to it pays to call credit card companies to see if they will GW. You might find out like I did that the credit card companies may have cleared your records or the Credit Reporting Companies have an error. Score one for the good guys.