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Re: Late payments after charge-off------Tuscani????????
Prior to my eailer post today, I searched the forums and I am still searching the forums for an answer to my post.
This is a copy of your post to the op
Quest76 wrote:
Hi Tuscani,
Just following up: 
In my email dated 7/6/07 @ 9:25am I explained how Fair Isaac added those recent dates of being 90 days late on the myFICO Experian report (whereas Experian directly does not show those recent dates).
In your email dated 7/6/07 @ 1:23pm you mentioned that Fair Isaac cannot add information, but that you were going to look into this.
Just checking to see if you've gotten any feedback about this?  Thanks Tuscani.

your post back to the op was:  I suspect it is a display error with the new report format. Assuming that is the case, your scores shouldn't be affected.
According to my scorewatch that I purchased today, it said that one factor hurting my score was one late payment within the last 7 months. Cap One is the only one showing a late payment in that time frame. I only have one other late payment, that was to JC Penny over five years ago and it was a 30 day late.
Also, since this cap one acct is co and closed, dola was 05/2002. How can you be late on a closed account?
I read over the FCRA and it states that if neg. info is reported, they must notify you within five days.