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Re: Expanded "FICO High Achievers" (scores of 760 and above) characteristics list
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MidnightVoice wrote:

JayToo wrote:

Reminds me of my Grandfather's answer to the secret of my Grandparents' 60+ year marriage: "Yes, dear"! :smileytongue: :smileytongue:

Hey!!! That is my line!

:smileyvery-happy: :smileyvery-happy:

Well, he was born in 1907 and my wonderful grandmother trained him.... er, I mean, communicated her desires persuasively early on!! :smileytongue:

I haven't gotten married yet, but I have wondered if the minister/priest/rabbi/etc pulled the men to the side after the ceremony and passed along the torch of this sage advice!! :smileyhappy: :smileytongue:

ETA: the "big mouths" :smileyvery-happy:

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