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Re: Yeah...yet another example of how trying to increase FICO...
So true.  I paid off an $892 charge off more than three years ago (on a loan that was 20 years old) that's still coming back to haunt me over and over and over again.  Everytime the bank reports the charge off  and the CRAs update, it appears as a recent charge off, my score drops and I receive an alert. To make matters worse, in some cases it appears as though the entire $10000 home improvement loan was charged off with a couple of CRAs.  I must have disputed this thing a dozen times, and it looks as though I will continue to have to, until 2010.  I'd have been better off just letting it drop off; and it doesn't help me to sleep better at night knowing that I did the right thing ... not when it knocks the tar out of my credit score every 6 months or so, and I have to begin disputing again.