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Re: Auto Credit and Scoring

dsteed wrote:
I had a repo, about 9 years ago, and it is not showing up on my current FICO reports. Will it show up on an Auto FICO? From what I have read it will not, is that a correct assumption? ~thanks!

A repo is simple one type of adverse information that can get reported to the CRAs. At 9 years old, it's too old to report with any CRA. An Auto FICO score is derived from information contained within your CRs. As such, no, a 9 year old repo that ain't on your CRs will NOT adversely impact your Auto FICO score.
It is possible, a la AMEX, that the finance company for the repo could hang on to records of the repo forever. They could, if they wanted, blacklist you and refuse to grant you a loan, even with FICOs in the 800s, and I suspect they would not violate any federal laws. Again, I reference AMEX and other OCs blacklisting policies. If GMAC financed the vehicle that was repo-ed, then GMAC might not give you a loan whereas Ford, Toyota, Capone and others might. This is all very theoretical, and auto finance companies tend to be more generous than CCCs because if you stop paying it's usually easy to go get the car.