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Re: GW Letters / GW Calls --- Successes!
Kyzmet - I had luck with Sears but I didn't write a letter, I actually called and spoke with a CSR, explained what I was asking and got transferred. Incidentally I think I got transferred to Fraud which was not the correct department and the gentleman I spoke to said that he doesn't know why I got transferred to him. Fortunately he went ahead and deleted my late payment anyway. Maybe you could ask for Fraud and claim innocence when you get to that extension. Smiley Happy
I gave it a few weeks, disputed my CRs, and they're all off.
Keep in mind that really, this only raised my score 2 points. But with all the other negative things on my report, and the fact that I'm trying to get my first mortgage, every little bit helps. Smiley Wink
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