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Re: Expanded "FICO High Achievers" (scores of 760 and above) characteristics list
Hi, Donnernv, welcome to the forums!

What rude remarks do you get on your FICO score report? (I'm guessing that since you only gave one score, you pulled your EQ [Equifax] score.) They would be on screen 2, where you should see a balance scale with negatives in red and positives in green.

My guess is that it's because you no longer have a mortgage or loan reporting. FICO loves seeing a mix of credit types, both revolving and installment, and so you lose some points if you don't have one or the other. For those of us in the more typical credit ranges, having both of these active on our reports shows that we are dutifully doing the classic American scramble of mortgage, car loan, and CC's.

Also, once your credit is this perfect, there is an unseemly scramble to find things to penalize.
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