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Re: Expanded "FICO High Achievers" (scores of 760 and above) characteristics list
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Donnernv, I don't have any mortgage or loans reporting either. 
On the right side of your "FICO Score Summary" page (under FICO score ingredients and How you rate) are all of the factors (Payment history, Amount of debt, etc. ) rated "Great? "  Are any rated "Very Good? "  The reason I'm asking, is that you did mention your utilization averages about 10%.  I was wondering if that could be affecting your score.   
Are these comments on your "Understanding Your FICO Score ('balance scales' ) " page--
What’s hurting your FICO® score

Because your FICO® score is exceptionally high, there are no actionable negative factors present with your score. Continue to manage your credit as you currently are doing to maintain your very high FICO® score.

  1. There are no negative reasons significantly affecting your FICO® Score.

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