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Re: Our Forums' FICO High Achievers: Who has at least one FICO Score of 760 or above?
Good thread Psy,
I have been close monitoring this forum in hoping to one day reach 800.  From my previous posts, my fico scores been from mid 650's to now 750-760 on TU,EX, and EQ.  These changes reflect from only a month that I started to monitor my scores.  Since 650's, a month ago, I have since removed 1 late payment, got my util to down to 14% with activities showing on 9 out of 16 c.c.'s, and finished my payment on a leased car.  I took a 10 point loss on TU, 6 point loss on EX and 4 point loss on EQ for using a zero balance c.c. few weeks back.
Just wondering tho, if I got my util to 1-3%, what kind of increase I could see on my scores...
I did the simulator but the point increase doesn't seem to be accurate since it doesn't take in to consideration that I will have most of my c.c. reporting a zero balance except for 1 or 2 accounts so I can maximize my points.
I still have a c.c. from BofA that I opened up last September that shows as new account but I'm hoping that it will be removed from the negative factor to boost me up in few more points...
I just want to be safely over 760's to maximize my interest when I'm ready to buy my first house.  But 800+ would be just dandy.