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Re: Expanded "FICO High Achievers" (scores of 760 and above) characteristics list
Well, on my Experian (821) it says "there are no actionable negative factors."
On my Equifax (786) the only ding is "You have too many credit cards carrying balances"
and on my TransUnion (796) the only ding is "The balances on your non-mortgage credit accounts are too high." All three pulled 21 March 2008 from myfico.

The positive factors listed are basically what others have posted: no baddies, oldest account (Amex Gold) over 25 years, average age over 10 years, low percent utilization on revolving accounts, and a variety of types of credit.

One thing I do find slightly irritating about the reporting system: there is no distinction made between revolvers and convenience users. Only I and the credit card companies know that I always pay the full balance each month. The only interest I pay is on the car loan (which will be paid in full by July) and the mortgage.

I did read somewhere the suggestion for those convenience users obsessed with getting their FICO score as high as possible, instead of only paying CCs when the monthly statement arrives, right after making any large purchase send them an electronic payment so the balance doesn't accumulate during the month. I suppose I could do this, but it seems like a lot of trouble just for a few points.
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