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Re: Our Forums' FICO High Achievers: Who has at least one FICO Score of 760 or above?
Ok I'll Bite.  Smiley Happy
EQ:  760
TU:   745  (Was 761 yesterday, 4/5/08.  Mistakenly listed my HELOC as Revolving.  I am sure it was a fluke because it has never done that before.  I am sure next time I check it it will be fine.)
EX:  737  (Lists my HELOC as revolving as well.  Has always done this.  Smiley Mad  I disputed the info w/ them so we will see if they update.)
I am in my early thirties and my average account age is only four years, w/ the oldest being 10 years (closed) and 8 years (Open).  I have however had auto loans (2 paid in half the term), loc's (paid in full and closed) and have a mortgage on a 500k house. I also have 23k in revolving credit w/ a $305 balance.   1% Util.  No lates or derog.
I have only really started paying attention to my credit the last two months.  I was really uneducated about the whole process before then.  This forum has really helped me to take control of my credit future.  So thanks to all of you who post!