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Re: Our Forums' FICO High Achievers: Who has at least one FICO Score of 760 or above?

Suddenly TU is reporting my HELOC as revolving as well, and now that I have a $32K card (used to be $30K), TU is reporting my util as being much, much higher than it is.

I have to sit down and untangle what it driving the util change. That's all we need is for TU to start screwing up on HELOC reporting.


Oh no this is not good.  I really hope TU is not coming around to EX's way of thinking.  This would really hurt all of us in CA w/ HELOC's!  The price of homes drops by the quarter out here and it is harder and harder to re-fi.  We might be stuck w/ our HELOC's for the next two years.  I really hope this is just a fluke by TU.