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Re: Expanded "FICO High Achievers" (scores of 760 and above) characteristics list

Esteban5 wrote:
Fall from grace....out of the 800 club (for now).
I'm OUT!  My score declined today 21 points resting at a dismal 786.  My email notification advising me of this occurrence stated I had too many cc's with balances. 
EDIT:  The FICO notice also contained some language I found interesting:
Your FICO® score went down on a day when there were no credit alerts on your Equifax Credit Report™. This can happen if:
  • There was a change on your credit report that lowered your score but did not trigger an alert. For example, the balance on an account might have increased enough to lower your score, but not enough to trigger a balance increase alert.
  • You moved from one category of credit users to another as time passed. For example, you may have transitioned from the category "consumers with a new credit history" to the category "consumers with a two- to five-year credit history". As a result, your credit report is evaluated differently, causing a slight change in your score. The good news is that moving between categories like this usually offers you the potential to reach a higher FICO® score in the future.

Has anyone else received this message?  I've got a 20+ years history - has FICO made any changes to their scoring that would result in a lower score?

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