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Re: Our Forums' FICO High Achievers: Who has at least one FICO Score of 760 or above?
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Checked scores again earlier this week and TU is now up at 761!   EX 756 (close!) and EQ 740. 
Things that have my scores up:  LOW CC utilization, no baddies (a few GWs, disputes and debt validation letters in recent months removed the few baddies that were there).
Recent mortgage inquiries didn't seem hurt TU or EX, but EQ dropped 14 pts. w/no other explaination??
Things keeping score low:  not a very long credit history and I don't actually use much credit. (No debts.....well, until the mortgage) .

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04/08/08 TU 761 EQ 740 EX 756
Closed on my first mortgage on 4/25/2008!!!
05/18/08 TU 771 EQ 740 EX 756
08/18/08 TU 749 EQ776 EX 768
I never have real credit card debt, just the 1-9% for reporting purposes!!!