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Re: Auto Credit and Scoring

breakingthecode wrote:
Great information. I've been looking at a particular car for the last few months, doing my homework, and have been worried about my score. I went to a dealer yesterday and found that they had my Exp. score at 571 while I last pulled my score from myFico and it was 613 with them about three months ago (all I have is a secured card for a year and no other credit for the last 5). Needless to say I was upset and shocked by that. My question is, would a charge off on an RV loan that was refinanced to include a vehicle be throwing off my score so much? I haven't had either vehicle in the last 5 & 4 years respectfully. Am I now doomed with this larger spread or does these 'go away' after so many years? Thanks btc

YES! That charge off is hurting you!