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Re: The MyFICO Forums 12 Step Program (For FICOholics)
I am not a big Dave Ramsey fan but if you have a lot of CC debt (as I did) he talks about attacking the debt one card at a time with going after the account with the smallest balance first.  The idea is not unique to him but he is fun to listen to.
Also I used an excel spreadsheet to map out my budget for a whole year by pay date and shpwing what bills got paid when and how much extra money I had.  That made a world of differnce in living on a budget and I still use it today and will always do so.  You dont need Excel, even a a piece of paper would work.
Also it goes without saying always pay on time and if possible 48-72 hours before it is due.
I know we all want high credit scores but dont loose focus of what you are tryong to do with your credit.  Just having a 760+ FICO score means nothing if you dont have a plan in what yoiu want to accomplish.  Might be a home, car loan or even a prime credit card.  Aim high but take the slow route,
Also it is never too late to start.  I am 51 so I started late in life to lean up my credit act.
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