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Re: Interpreting Your FICO Score

RobertEG wrote:
I ask for an immediate vote to have Byrd commited to a FICOholic rehab center that teaches the difference between being the screwee and the screwer. I for one do not get it off on a credit score!
No offense, Byrd, just pulling your leg, my man!
Toooooo funny!

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A good FICO score is an indication that there is a sense of responsibility. Take DF for instance--high 700s across the board. Very responsible, takes care of business. That to me is sexy. Take ex-wife--credit score in the low 500s (no offense to anyone there, as I was there about a year ago myself--thanks ex-wife). She is not responsible, doesn't take care of business and tried to take me down with her.

Thus, I find good credit sexy.
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