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Re: Interpreting Your FICO Score
Just like Rome, My Credit score was not built in 1 day. And even though in ruins today it has stood the times for centuries. I can only dream of my own Rome being finished. One day though, the sun will shine down on my own coliseum and I can rejoice at my accomplishments.
  When I started my King was in need of some polishing. It was more of an obsessive hobby then need for credit repair, non the less I grabbed the rag and started rubbing vigorously would have been a lot easier if a genie popped out along the way.
 I am about 5 months in to my contruction and the city is starting to shape up nicely. I am hoping to reach god status by the end of the year. I figure if I don't reach for the stars I will not get anywhere.
I promise to not erect my own statue for I feel that may have led to the demise on Cesar BAHAHAHAHAH
 I just have one more app to fill out this year yet... Any one know where I can get that app for Ficoholics?