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Re: Interpreting Your FICO Score

ByrdMan wrote:

RobertEG wrote:
I ask for an immediate vote to have Byrd commited to a FICOholic rehab center that teaches the difference between being the screwee and the screwer. I for one do not get it off on a credit score!
No offense, Byrd, just pulling your leg, my man!
Toooooo funny!

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A good FICO score is an indication that there is a sense of responsibility. Take DF for instance--high 700s across the board. Very responsible, takes care of business. That to me is sexy. Take ex-wife--credit score in the low 500s (no offense to anyone there, as I was there about a year ago myself--thanks ex-wife). She is not responsible, doesn't take care of business and tried to take me down with her.

Thus, I find good credit sexy.

My wife thinks I'm sexy and her opinion is the only one that really matters to me Smiley Happy

As for my EX 824, my wife neither knows nor cares what a FICO score is, but she certainly appreciates the responsible, conscientious, adult behaviors that got me where I am -- and I respect and appreciate her maturity. In seventeen years of marriage life has had its ups and downs, but we have coped with all of them together by owning mutual responsibility for doing whatever was needed to meet our various obligations. And part of being responsible adults is, at times like the present when we have more than enough money to meet our needs we save for a rainy day instead of blowing it all on stuff we don't need.
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