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Re: Expanded "FICO High Achievers" (scores of 760 and above) characteristics list
Out of 6 CC I have 3 reporting a balance.  As of the last reports my util was at 6%, it is now at 3% (that is if the highest balance card doesn't report before my payment gets credited) and I believe they will report in the next week or so.
6% of total CL on May reports.  Does it matter that of the cards with a balance the util is 14% if you don't take into account my total CL?
CL 16,400, balance 3610
CL 6,500, balance 398
CL 9,500, balance 745
CL 17,500, balance 0
CL 12,000, balance 0
CL 12,200, balance 0
They should update as 3%:
CL 16,400, balance 2500 (this will be paid off in a couple of months)
CL 6,500, balance 0
CL 9,500, balance 0
CL 17,500, balance 0
CL 12,000, balance 0
CL 12,200, balance $57 (I got a Scorewatch alert that a previously dormant card showed activity but it said that it didn't affect my score.  I will start rotating them so I don't have any dormant to hurt things if I decide to use it).
I am anxious to see what my score does when all CC are paid off and Ford comes off... hopefully in December.  Only one report specifically says it should come off in Dec.
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