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Omar he can do it him self
Omar trust me he can do it him self with a little time and patients with out that high cost. In a year and a half we went from a 430 to 613 (still got a ways to go yet) just by doing it our self and not braking any laws. Alot of those repair companies dont tell you that the negative items that are on there accurately they remove do come back. There is no quick fix just time and hard work. You just need to pull all 3 reports ( I would get one from each not a 3 in one) and see if it is all accurate if not dispute them and make sure there are no duplicate items on there, Make sure any accounts you have now are paid on time and keep your ballances down under that 30% mark on cards. Just keep pluging away and it will work. I have done alot of research and helped a few of my fellow employees as well for free. Please be careful giving out your information.  GOOD LUCK