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Re: rapid re-score shot my score up in 3 working days...

haulingthescoreup wrote:
So if you have, say, a mortgage, a car loan, a student loan, and a CC with a 0% balance transfer that will take a while to pay off, that's four accounts with balances.

Ys is is true for my profile.

It says the high FICO achievers have an average of 3 accounts reporting a balance and they count my mortgage and car loan so that leaves me with one CC.  I have had 2 CCs report a balance and I know it sounds strange but sometimes is lowers my TU score and somtimes it doesnt 

Anyway I would try 2 CCs with a mortgage and autoloan and see how this works.  If not then try 1.  Experimenting with small balances can really help you see what is going on and will help you when you want to go after a big prize like an auto loan or mortgage/refi since you dont want to be suprised that your score drops from say 720 to 719 when you are going for an auto loan and your CC repots that $20 DVD you just bought at Best Buy.

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