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Re: rapid re-score shot my score up in 3 working days...
Thank you very much haulingthescoreup, erchambers, RobertEG for your information.

Looks like rapid rescore works permanently. I still sent letters to all CAs as a fallback option and I got a reponse from EQUIFAX that they deleted the collection account.

I learnt the importance of having CCs with 0 balances. Now I will not close these 2 CC accounts.
Apart from the mortgage loan that will begin to show up in my credit reports, I have 6 CCs and I use only 1 or 2 every month.
Rest of them always show up 0 balance. All cards have a cumulative credit limit of around 50K.

Now my question is: If I take a 0% balance transfer offer of 14K on one of CC with credit line 15K, how drastically will that affect my scores? I don't really have to take this offer but if it doesn't affect my scores much then I would like to take advantage of this offer. I will be using in all 2 CCs (one of them with BT offer) and a mortgage account. Remaining 4 of my cards will always show 0 balance.

Thanks once again for your priceless wishes and suggestions.