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Latest FICO scores...
OK.  I just pulled all three scores.  Found an online coupon.  Anyway, EQ is still punishing me for the new Home Depot account.  My EQ score is now ten points lower than before, and the new account was reporting the last time I pulled myFICO scores.  I am confused...Smiley Sad
Nothing else has changed.  One new INQ on EX because we changed our electricity provider.
New scores.  TU  793,  EQ 764, EX 787
Must go and change my siggy. 
FICOs as of 09/2009 - TU 813, EQ 811, last known EX 797
FICOs as of 08/2009 - TU 791, EQ 809, last known EX 797
FICOs as of 07/2009 - TU 806, EQ 809, last known EX 797