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Would I be able to get another credit card with a 645 score?
I'm asking because I would like to have another card showing on my credit report.  I have had one for three years now and have gradually been getting credit increases so i'm up to $1,000 now.  I do have some late pays, but they are all over 3 years old.  The oldest collection I have is from 2 years ago, and I just recently paid a new one that showed up on my report.  I also have a car loan that I started about 6 months ago and have been paying on time.
Does anyone know if I would be able to get another card with my score and the payment history that I have?  My wife and I are looking to buy a house next year and having another line of credit would really help.  If only to get my score up.  Paying on time all these months hasn't really raised my score any, and I always make sure to keep the balance on the card below 25%.
I know I'm asking a lot with a little bit of information, but any replies are appreciated.