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Re: Auto Credit and Scoring
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I recently traded in a car for a new one... I was in an equity position, and believe that I got a good deal. HOWEVER - My last loan shows six lates all 30 days over the course of 3.2 years. I called Diamler when I received my release of lien in the mail and asked them if they would remove the late payments since I paid in full 19 months early - representative said he couldn't do it.
My Diamler loan was 8.0% APR and my new Volvo Financial loan is 6.9%... I thought this was a good rate and readily accepted the terms.
My question is - do the 30 day late payments influence the Auto Enhance FICO as much as the Classic FICO? Could I have received a better rate if there were no lates on my Diamler loan? It just doesn't seem like I got screwed here.
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