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Re: Auto Credit and Scoring

McGrawgal wrote:
Thanks for the substantially informative post. I sure could have used this info. when I was car shopping for the first time last August:smileysad:
The salesman at one dealership wanted to put me with one of his schmuck companies at 18-19%! for a 4 year old car. I politely told him I didn't have stupid stamped across my forehead (although I had a less than desirable score at the time.  I ended up with a car of the same make, model and year, loaded, with 26,000 fewer miles for less and at 14%....still no prize winning rate but I had to have it and I hope to refinance eventually.
Any opinions on a timeframe to pay on the original loan at 14% before looking to re-fi? My regular FICO currently is somewhere between 664-690.

With those scores you should refi now!