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Re: Consumer Finance Companies
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Agree with Tuscani. The last loan I financed was a debt consolidation loan. I have a Cap One auto loan that I've toyed with just paying off because it's high interest and I only owe $7K. But because I had paid and/or closed a bunch of accounts in the last year as part of my credit rebuilding process, I only had a few open TL's thus my file was rather thin. His advice: Keep the Cap One open for another year. Let your other TL's build up a little. Every month it reports as paid on time it's another brick in the foundation, and shows future creditors that you can pay your bills responsibly. I think it was the right move in retrospect. This applies to a specific scenario of course. If I had a gang of open positive TL's then closing one wouldn't have as much effect and I'd dump it to save the interest.

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