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Re: Consumer Finance Companies

Tuscani wrote:
The FICO formula does not distinguish between prime/subprime per se. The way it identifies a 'consumer finance' account is through the bureau subscription code -- the lender's ID# at the bureau -- that, among other things, indicates what kind of business it is. (This is also how mortgage and auto inquiries are distinguished from other inquiry types.) I believe the reason why the suggestion above won't work is because the portion of these codes that provide this identification are industrywide and not unique to a particular lender, although a lender typically has multiple subscriber codes for different parts of the business. So, for example, while the score can tell if the lender is considered a consumer finance company, it can't identify a particular product of that lender's as prime/subprime.

Very interesting, how did you find this out?  Personally, do you think it would be fair for consumers if FICO had the capability to distinguish btw prime and subprime for loans and cc's and changed their scoring models accordingly?  For example, reward those who have more prime TL's than those who do not.
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